Environmental Responsibility

At YeahWeRun we want to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We think running should be a natural activity and one that doesn’t impact on the environment; this ethos is important to us.

Wherever possible we will take scheduled transport. If we can’t we will pay an environmental surcharge equal to $10 per hour of non-scheduled transport used and this surcharge will be included in the cost of some runs. We have chosen to partner with Trees for Survival (http://www.tfsnz.org.nz), who will be the recipient of this surcharge. Trees for Survival is an educational programme involving young people to help restore natural habitats.

Our guides will also take scheduled transport or use non-fossil burning vehicles or YeahWeRun will pay the surcharge on their behalf.

Other actions we will take include:

  1. Using reusable containers
  2. Not using paper except where absolutely necessary. Our printed brochure is  on recycled paper as are our business cards.